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Husband, Father, Stickler for Integrity, BOOT Party National Chairman and 2023 Presidential Candidate

2023 Presidential Candidate

He is recognised nationally and internationally as a leader that is influencing leadership change with technology. Sonny, as he is fondly called by many, has worked, and consulted for many local and international organisations in Africa and Europe. During various assignments, including consulting for World Bank / African Development Bank Projects, Sonny has either lived or worked in at least thirty-two (32) States including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Working in democracies across Europe, Sonny was confronted with the stark realities of what democracy is and is not. It was in realisation of the fact that Nigeria and Nigerians were being short-changed by the patently faulty system and the extant Constitution, which creates ‘bad leaders’. Sustained interaction with other well-meaning professionals in Diaspora resulted in the decision to set up a vehicle - an Open Leadership Democratic Operating System - to lead the change for creating ‘good leaders’. The idea of BOOT (Because Of Our Tomorrow) Party was birthed and steps were initiated to register the Party with INEC as the only sure way of setting the stage for the desired change. Sonny and by extension, the BOOT Party understands well that the only vehicle through which you can effect a peaceful change is through political power. Consequently, Sonny is offering himself to lead this change on the Platform of the BOOT Party as its Presidential Candidate. The BOOT Party was founded on core values of absolute ‘No to Corruption and Violence; Integrity and Patience’.

Sonny and The BOOT Party, have never been indicted or charged with corruption nor implicated in any corruption investigation. He has imbibed leadership with a very clear sense of responsibility to members and leaders across all the Nigerian states, supported by The BOOT Party Leadership System

One of Sonny’s enduring memories of the responsibility and generosity of Nigerians was during his travel from Abuja to Jimeta (Yola), Adamawa State in 1999. Mohamed and Sonny were passengers from Abuja to Jimeta on a Peugeot 504 Station Wagon from Karu Motor Park. They arrived Jimeta by midnight after over 10 hours of road journey. It was Sonny’s first time in Adamawa State, despite having experienced other parts of the Northern Nigeria did not realise that he had left Abuja quite late. He was amazed that Mohammed accommodated him that night even though Sonny was a total stranger. There was no mobile (GSM) phone at the time and so Mohammed could only give him his picture, which he keeps till date hoping that one day their paths cross again. Unfortunately, many young Nigerians today have been denied the opportunity to experience the generosity of our people from Calabar to Maiduguri due to the insecurity in many parts of the country.

Both in Nigeria and Europe, Sonny has led successful change adopting technology to deliver social justice where required. Sonny’s academic qualifications include among others, diploma and degrees in Mathematics; Statistics; and Project Management as well as other professional qualifications.

Sonny’s experience of leading a political party that is anti-bribery but still gets things done through knowledge, patience and determination and respect for all has made the BOOT Party members and leaders to endorse him as the best person to lead Nigerians into the future.

Sonny’s goal for running for the office of the president is to develop Nigerians and Nigeria. In the last seven years we have been working to create a leadership framework that will bring the best out of Nigerians. Make no mistakes, there is nothing messianic about changing the cause of our nation. What and who Nigeria needs is not any of the “old or those who have been created by the same old process”; Nigeria needs Sonny.

"The second best time to join politics is now"; the best thing to do now is to vote. Vote Sunday Adenuga, Vote BOOT Party, Because Of Our Tomorrow.


Husband, Father, Youth and 2023 Vice Presidential Candidate

2023 Vice Presidential Candidate

Usman Mustapha Turaki was born in Kano. He studied at prestigious Kano State Polytechnic and obtained Higher National Diploma in Architectural Technology. He is an accomplished architect with experience of managing successful numerous commercial and residential projects.

Through his community and mosque, Usman has been involved in helping lots of interfaith members of community in their domestic housing projects for them to become landlords.

  • Marriage: Zainab Mustapha
  • Phone: 07035883979
  • Age: 36
  • Children: 2
  • Degree: HND
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His experience in education, architecture and community made him to join politics as a youth with the burning desire to build houses for many Nigerians. Providing housing for Nigerians is the main objective for Usman joining politics at such a youthful age with the aim to reduce housing deficit of Nigerians.

Usman is a family man and happily married with 2 kids.

Policy Issue (Overview)

One Working Nigeria (OWN) Agenda


Restructuring One Nigeria to One Working Nigeria

Globally and indeed many Nigerians have talked about the potential of our country without seeing it happening. The yearning of many and especially the younger generation is to see a One Working Nigeria. Through the BOOT Party's One Working Nigeria (OWN) Agenda, we shall be restructuring Nigeria to work for every Nigerians including Governance; Economy and Human Capital Development. One Working Nigeria is a must.


Time for Nigerians to VOTE for or Against Self-Determination for each Ethnic Nationality

Section 14 of The 1999 Constitution states that “sovereignty belongs to the people of Nigeria from whom government through this Constitution derives all its powers and authority”. The Constitution further stated in this Section that “The Federal Republic of Nigeria shall be a State based on the principles of democracy and social justice”. The principles of democracy and social justice demands that the people renew their democratic commitment every four years through election as contained in The 1999 Constitution. The 2023 General Elections present another opportunity for the people of Nigeria to exercise their sovereignty and elect government that derives all its power and authority through The 1999 Constitution. The BOOT Party is one of the registered political parties inline with The 1999 Constitution and presents its candidates including President and other positions for the 2023 General Elections.

If elected by the sovereign people of Nigeria in the 2023 General Election as their President, the BOOT Party Presidential candidate, Sunday Adenuga, will ask Nigerians to VOTE For or Against Self-Determination for each Ethnic Nationality.


Government to Retain Fuel Subsidy

Fuel subsidy will be retained. Adequate controls will be implemented to block all the loopholes through technology, thereby ensuring that government will ONLY subsidise fuel used by Nigerians. Once this is achieved, consultation will be established with members of the public on how to gracefully withdraw the subsidy over a period of time and channel the fund to health and other public infrastructure.


Increase Nigeria’s non-Oil Revenues Through Better Tax System and NOT More Tax

In addition to enabling law focusing on Tax disclosure controls, The BOOT Party government will deploy world-class Information Technology to boost and increase efficient tax collections from non-formal sectors, increase tax compliance including reducing VAT compliance gap and block all tax leaking points. Tax increase is not the first thing to do.


Creation of Community; State and Federal Policing System to tackle Insecurity

State and community policing is long overdue in Nigeria and Sonny is the best to handle this. While the concept of community policing strike fears of being, Sonny as a control expert is best at developing requirements that will make seemingly difficult issues so easy. His experience of creating a political leadership system where anyone who meets the requirements is allowed to become a party leader will be drawn on to accomplish the task of developing a working whitepaper for creation of vibrant and working state and community police that is less prone to abuse.


Stop Women Abuse for the Development of Nigeria

As family men Sonny and Usman value women contributions to the society and will push for policies that will encourage more women to join politics. In the BOOT Party Sonny championed e-meeting (zoom) to allow women to be able to participate in political decision without been left out because they cannot leave home as they are caring for the family. Without great mothers we cannot have great nation. Supporting our women is supporting ourselves. Sonny and Usman’s government will be judged by improvements in the collective attitude of the society to our women. Women will be encouraged to establish businesses through “Ease of doing business” policy and existing women businesses will get government support and create more jobs. In addition, women will be appointed into top government positions.


Increase Investment in Economy; Knowledge and Infrastructure Through Diaspora

Ignorantly many successive Nigerian leaders have ignored the group with the most capital and knowledge required to make Nigeria Giant Again. The Diaspora Nigerians, many of who seat on gold pot of credits that can be converted to liquid money for investment in Nigeria if the government can guarantee these investments. Through Rapid Economic and Infrastructure Programme (REAP), BOOT Party’s flagship economic revival policy, Sonny’s government will ‘underwrite’ all projects covered by this policy. This policy will make Nigerians and foreigners to bring both their expertise and foreign direct investment into our country. This policy will affect all of our national lives including, education, training, and youth development among others. The Federal Government will guaranty up to 100% of any investment through this policy.


Increase Electricity Generation by at least 100% through Renewable Energy Infrastructure

As the world is moving away from fossil, Nigeria is one of the best places one can harvest solar fuel. Sonny’s government will invest massively in locally manufacturing of solar panels, batteries and inverters to power homes. Solar and wind farms will be created in different zones to increase power generation. Most importantly younger people will be trained with skills to manage and improve the current power infrastructure.


Preventing and Breaking Corruption Chain Forever

Sonny’s fight against corruption will be both detecting and preventing corruption with emphasis on preventing corruption through deployment of information technology and transform the way government organisations carry out financial transactions and all of government processes. We will have Economic & Financial Crime PREVENTION Commission (EFCPC). Like in the US SOX Law, sections 404 & 302, Sonny’s government will PREVENT corruption with enabling law focusing on disclosure controls and personal accountability of public officers WHILE IN GOVT, enabled with Artificial Intelligent Technologies.


Increase Investment in Education to Equip Teachers / Lecturers in Education with Needed Skills to Develop Students for National Development.

Nigeria’s education policies will be reviewed and be aligned to national developmental goals. Continuous Training for Teachers / Lecturers in Education and Equipping Educational Institution with Modern Facilities for the Development of Students. Education from primary to tertiary will underpin national development plans. To ensure efficient utilisation of educational manpower and infrastructure all monotechnics, polytechnics, and colleges of education would be statutorily affiliated to a federal university. Similarly, research and educational institutions will be linked with the private sectors such that research results are made available for national development.

Youth Development

Turn 'Yahoo Boys' to Ethical Hackers

Among Sonny’s professional cycle are former colleagues who have worked developing Karspersky Antivirus System and world class ethical hackers. Sonny will draw on his expertise and professional community to develop made in Nigeria cybersecurity products, as part of technology hubs across each zones starting from Abuja and Lagos.

Youth Development

Creation of Technology Hub - Aso Valley

Nigeria’s geolocation makes it prime to serve global market from US, Europe to Australia. Technology hubs will be created across Nigeria with specialisation in DevOps; Cybersecurity; Artificial Intelligence; and Cloud Services among others. The technology products created will be deployed by Nigeria governments.


Creation of Credit Society To Increase Purchasing Power

This policy will make it possible for Nigerians to easily purchase product on credit. This policy will affect all of our national lives including, education, training, and youth development among others. The Federal Government will guaranty up to 100% of any investment through this policy.


Grant Autonomy for Local Governments Administration

There is no project that a State Government can implement that a Local Government Authority (LGA) cannot with adequate resources.
This policy will make it possible for Nigerians to experience good governance at local level and improve living standards.


Make Voting Compulsory by Law

Study: 85% of respondents including Nigerians at home and in diaspora, agreed for voting to be made compulsory by law and that they will vote if voting is made compulsory by law.
This law will set in tone the direction the government wants the people to follow and not to punish anyone.


Cut Public Spending by 50 Percent

The waste in the public system is too much and it will be reduced with the help of world class technology to drive the business of government.


Make Governments Responsible for Housing and Healthcare of Nigerians

This is long overdue. Yes, Governments will be Responsible for Housing and Healthcare of Nigerians.
Many, if not all, of our current and past leaders are health tourist in another country. The state of our health system is a national shame. If required, our government will declare state of emergency on health but we are confident in our approach. As many as over 100 million Nigerians are pushed below poverty line as a result of early death of breadwinners.
We expand the current National Health Scheme to include everyone irrespective of earnings.
Our IT professionals will create a new National Health Information Systems where all Nigerians will register for health purpose.
All Nigerians will be assigned to a health practitioner. We will increase investment in our health emergency services.
Nigerian health practitioners in the diaspora will be encouraged to return home under our REAP policy and establish hospitals.


You are welcome.

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